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The more you play the more you win!
This is what "Comp Points" means!
Comp points = $$$$

Comp points is money. 1 $ bet = 4 comp points
4,000 comp points = $1
When you play at Carnival Casino, no matter if you win or lose,
you always end up winning!
This is what we love about Comp Points!
Comp points are like miles in a frequent flyer program:
the more you fly, the more miles you accumulate.
The more miles you accumulate, the better the flight ticket offered...At Carnival Casino,
The more you play, the more comp points you accumulate.
The more Comp points you accumulate, the higher the amount of money in your account...

What can you do with Comp Points?
You can of course, exchange Comp Points for money...Soon,
you will be able to buy gifts with your comp points:
T.V's, flight tickets,refrigerators ,romantic weekends in Europe...and many other amazing surprises...
Comp points help you get to the next VIP Club: when you are in one of our VIP clubs,
you are entitled to many benefits, privileges, and special promotions.

And the best thing of all, is that once you are in a VIP Club, you get more money, for less Comp points...
Therefore you win more, even if you play less...


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